Private Sector Organizations
  • Pre-position for upcoming public sector contracts for collection, processing, transportation, and disposal
  • Evaluate 50, 100, and 200 mile radiuses for new facilities and facility expansions
  • Manage inbound or outbound material stream quality based on a customized sampling and testing protocol using the WasteInsight™ online platform
  • Characterize feedstocks and/or product streams for composition, purity, Btu value, and other attributes
  • Verify zero landfill performance for corporate sustainability reporting
  • Enhance due diligence research for investments in the waste and recycling industry
Public Sector Organizations
  • Benchmark service rates and systems against local, regional, state, and national peers
  • Track regional and local market pricing and service levels
  • Characterize waste streams using a variety of desktop tools supplemented by field data collection
  • Audit recycling contracts to achieve a fair and transparent revenue share
  • Verify zero landfill performance for corporate sustainability reporting
Trade Associations
  • Aggregate market and operational data from members to develop industry-wide intelligence
WasteInsight is a uniquely informative market intelligence service that helps waste generators, haulers, processors, facility developers, manufacturers, trade associations, and state and local governments to accumulate, track and analyze selected hard-to-find, technically complex, and market-critical data to enhance their waste management performance. WasteInsight is an ever-expanding work-in-progress brought to you by MSW Consultants, LLC.